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At Stolen Kingdom we provide natural, all-American soy candles that are a healthier alternative to paraffin candles and potentially toxic chemicals that come with them. To meet this goal, we have crafted a careful candle-making process that ensures our high standards are met with every candle that is poured.

All our candles are handmade in to ensure the highest-quality results. Our small batch pours are filled with love and natural, American-sourced ingredients to deliver the ultimate visual, aural, and old American factory experience.

Quality, Expertise, Goodness

Our Ingredients

We believe that the world’s best-smelling candles can only be made with the best ingredients. Our process begins with carefully curated ingredients from American companies. From our premium glass jars and to our All-American soy wax, we do not overlook a single detail in creating our candles.

Our carefully selected fragrances are paired with 100% soy wax made from American-grown soybeans to create designer candles with scents that will fill your home with comfort and warmth. We only use 100% cotton wicks to create a clean burn.

Hand Poured In Micro batches

At Stolen Kingdom candles are created with the link between emotion and smell in mind. Our goal is to formulate unique blends that can transport you away with their authentic atmosphere.

We believe in quality over quantity. Our micro batches and dedication to American-sourced, natural ingredients delivers a unique candle experience that must be tried to be believed. After experiencing the Stolen Kingdom difference, you’ll never go back to sooty, fast-burning paraffin wax candles again.

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About Us

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